Reasons for upgrading your attic insulation

Reasons for upgrading your attic insulation

The attic of your home is like the interface and its insulation resists the transfer of heat between the living quarters and the attic overhead. The attic does much more for your home than storing your extras. It works like a barrier protecting your home from the cold, heat, humidity, and extreme weather.

But, for the attic to do its job well, it must have proper insulation. So, if your attic hasn’t been insulated for years or it isn’t insulated at all, you’re compromising your home’s safety, efficiency, and comfort.

A lot of homeowners take care of home insulation in general but fail to check if their attic insulation needs replacement. Attic insulation removal and replacement will not only save you a lot in the long run but will also prevent harmful situations that are prone to appear due to poor insulation. Re-insulating the attic includes removal of existing insulation that has over time become dirty and damaged due to rodents and then replaces it with a clear and efficient insulating material.

Enhanced energy-efficiency

With an under-insulated attic, you’re paying more for utility bills. In contrast, with properly insulated attic, you can maintain comfortable temperatures by significantly reducing heating and cooling costs. The air sealing of your attic will further reduce the burden on your heating and cooling system.

If the ductwork of your HVAC runs through the attic, the insulation is even more important to maintain an even temperature and prevent energy loss. With efficient insulation of your attic, you can reduce your family’s reliance on your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Improved Comfort & Healthy atmosphere

By replacing your attic insulation, you can prevent the entry of dust, dirt, mold, and mildew that can otherwise cause allergies and severe health conditions like asthma. So, if you’re having trouble with these airborne toxins and don’t want to improve your indoor air quality, you can consider installing new insulation in your attic.  

If you’re planning to sell your home shortly, the new attic ventilation will be a key selling point. With this, you’ll get a definite boost in the resale value of your home and it will be easier for you to close the deal with flying colors.

Say good-bye to rotting or mold

Your home takes a toll on heat and moisture. The water vapor, seeping through the attic can erode your walls and supporting beams. With proper insulation of your attic, you can prevent heat buildup that can otherwise cause the shingle to swell or cracking of plywood. Similarly, your attic insulation will make sure no ice dams are formed on the roof’s edge. So, if you want a long-lasting and safer home structure, call now for roof attic insulation inspection or re-insulation services for your attic.

Need more help?

In the nutshell, having a roof attic insulation replaced will bring in a plethora of benefits for you as a homeowner. So, are you ready to protect your home by ensuring your attic is properly ventilated? If yes, give us a call and we’ll schedule a meeting to help you install the best attic ventilation. We’re a roofing contractor in Gwinnett County and have been helping the number of clients by providing them perfect indoor air quality and comfort.


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